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Information KDDI Corporation signed a business alliance with Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ)

23 May

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KDDI Corporation signed a business alliance and became a shareholder of Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ)

On May 18th, KDDI (one of the four largest telecommunications companies in Japan) signed a capital and business alliance agreement with Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ). Thereby, KDDI bought 10% shares of IIJ through NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, Japan's post and telecommunications corporation and also the 4th largest telecommunications corporation in the world and also a major shareholder of IIJ. ).

Through the collaboration, KDDI is IIJ's a customer, a strategic partner, and also a major shareholder. KDDI and IIJ will partner and promote cooperation in the following four areas;

+ Optimal procurement of KDDI’s communication services by IIJ
+ Consider various collaborations in business areas, including subsidiaries of IIJ and KDDI
+ IIJ and KDDI’s mutual utilization and joint development of products in the corporate and mobile service fields
+ Human resource exchange

The strategic business partnership between IIJ and partners such as KDDI and NTT demonstrates the prestige and quality of IIJ's recognized brand during its business development journey and serving more than 13,000 customers around the world

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