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Services & Solutions Cloud Consulting and System/Network Integration

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Supporting your project of cloudification, migration to cloud, and integration of cloud .

Cloud Consulting is suitable for large-scale cloud design and implementation

Cloud Consulting is for large-scale cloudification,  such as cloud migration from colocation. 
We have many cloud specialists and consultants who can support any stage of cloudification. 
To implement critical cloud migration, our consulting team members, who has abundant experience and knowledge, provide detailed plannings, appropriate cloud design, data migration plans, along with highly trusted consulting phase to adapt to any kind of expected situation.

Use Case and Project

  • System Integrator A : Cloud integration to large shopping mall
  • System Integrator B : Cloud migration consulting for government financial service
  • Financial services company : Full cloudification from on-premises environment
  • International Bank : Design and implementation of AI and eKYC platform

Cloud design, sizing, and cost simulation for the customer that is introducing the cloud service for the first time.


Cloud design, migration plan, and migration work from the current platform to the new cloud platform.


Cloud design, DR/BCP plan, and disaster training for the company which needs to introduce BCP.

Comprehensive support for full spectrum other than the cloud

To make the most of cloudification and effectiveness, while designing and proposing, we will optimize the platform with necessary components that go beyond the cloud service, such as datacenter colocation, network connectivity, and appliances.

Services & Solutions List

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