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The global standard qualified cloud platform with the local touch for all enterprises in Vietnam

HI GIO Cloud

HI GIO Cloud powered by FPT & IIJ | Trust it. Drive it

2017, HI GIO CLOUD is The global standard qualified cloud platform with the local touch for all enterprises in Vietnam, which is integrated based on the Japanese technical foundation combined with Data Centers FPT. ​

​​2023, HI GIO Gen.2 has come - HI GIO CLOUD reach a new milestone when comprehensively upgrading the cloud computing infrastructure to Enhance business productivity and flexibility with turn-key cloud technology to go one step further. 


IIJ Global Solutions Vietnam is a subsidiary of IIJ Group, which has been leading as a pioneer in the field of enterprise networks, infrastructure, and cloud solutions around the globe since its establishment in 1992. ​

​FPT Telecom is one of Vietnam’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted Cloud and IT services providers, offering a full spectrum of services nationwide.​


Why choose us


high-experienced technical experts
(Japanese & Vietnamese)


support by locally made experts

02 Data Centers

meets ISO standards for design, construction & operation according to Vietnam & World Standards in Hanoi & HCMC 


experience of cloud service R&D globally


quality certification for cloud computing services ISO/ IEC 27017:2015 & security standards PCI DSS v3.2.1

99.99% SLA

 guarantee at least 99,99% of UPTIME in SLAs

who we serve

We are proud to be the global standard qualified Cloud & Security solutions for all clients by Japanese quality & reliability. Serving +2000 companies in BFSI, E-commerce, Convenience Store, Manufacturing, etc.

what we commit

High-speed Performance

Reach up to 40Gbps Ethernet speed of storage system infrastructure, and 100 Gbps Ethernet speed of Internet Access.

High Availability

Ensure that customers can access the cloud service whenever they need to & from anywhere in the world.


Stabilize clous server monitoring, replication, and security ensuring minimal outages & optimal performance & consolidating disaster recovery infrastructure.

Scalability based on PAYG model

Efficiently scale the business up or down, on-demand, based on the requirements, at any given time. Simply create and delete each item as you need. We only bill you for your actual usage.

Comprehensive Security Capabilities

Commit a set of policies, controls, procedures, and technologies that work together to protect cloud-based systems, data, and infrastructure.

Advanced Customization

Customized Cloud infrastructure and services to meet the business’s needs best by using popular one-click DevOps tools. Leverage our API and open-source libraries to easily manage resources.