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Services & Solutions FPT HI GIO CLOUD VMware Edition

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The Private Cloud Solution of FPT HI GIO CLOUD provides a private dedicated resource in the cloud.

Hosted Private Cloud

The hosted private cloud solution for the enterprise that needs a high security standard and dedicated own resource, such as a financial institution, a company in the medical and healthcare industry, and a large enterprise.

A dedicated cloud computing resource while utilizing the shared cloud network and storage resource. The best choice for both cost-effectiveness and high-customizability.

Full features of VMware products and ecosystem

The solution allows you to utilize all features of the VMware stack and ecosystem with the minimum term of one month. Our consulting team can design your own ideal private cloud. 

Cluster DB

The best fit for high availability database like Oracle RAC by providing the high-performance shared storage.

Hybrid Cloud

Possible to connect seamlessly your own VMware premises via Private Connection Gateway.

Collaborate with other HI GIO components

Design the right component for the right place of your cloud environment.
We can find out the best combination of FPT HI GIO CLOUD components.

The standard for financial institutions

Many banks, security companies, and fintech companies are using the service, as the online service platform and backup cloud datacenter.

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