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Services & Solutions HI GIO NETWORK & SECURITY

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Addressing your particular protection and compliance requirements through measures detailed protection

About Network & Security service

Network and Security serivce provides additional security services for businesses using the HI GIO Cloud platform, which need to comply with security requirements and protect business assets through measures detailed protection at the server, network, and application levels.

How does it work ?

As your demand, as your necessity, as your will, combine any 3rd party appliance to enhance  security of the system. Some security applications customers can choose from:

Web Application Firewall
WAF prevents attacks exploiting a web application’s vulnerabilities. It is essential for critical website of handling privacy and confidential information. 

Next Generation Firewall
NGF is the key solutions to protect cloud space from unknown threats in cyber space.

Zero Trust Remote Access 
ZTNA is the latest architecture concept to replace the traditional remote VPN access to secure your cloud zone.

Why choose it ?

Flexible choose the right security service for the needs of each business.

Use the latest technology for easier management and security with Sigle Sign On.

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