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Services & Solutions IIJ MANAGED CLOUD

Enhance customer experience in the digital transformation journey by one-stop service from installation to operation and maintenance.

IIJ Managed Cloud - a collaboration between IIJ & Serverworks

IIJ Managed Cloud is provided as the joint business of Serverworks Inc. and IIJ Inc. to lead and promote the cloud-first generation in the global market together with all enterprises. 

Serverworks Co., Ltd. is the Japan-based AWS Premier Partner. It has over 760 AWS Certified engineers including 2 APN Ambassadors (Only 231 exist worldwide). 18,800 projects of 1,180 clients had achieved.

IIJ (Internet Initiative Japan) Inc. is the first ISP in Japan, founded in 1992. It has been rolling out its global presence in 14 cities of 9 countries while providing network, security, and cloud services for 14,000 clients.

Service Package

Consulting & Delivery

You don’t worry how to start from scratch. The comprehensive AWS Consulting & Delivery packages are designated for you all. Our professionals always stay aside with you throughout kick-start process, to consult, design, delivery & initial settings, documentation, training, and QA support.

Standard Plan

For small and medium start by less than 5 AWS EC2 instances. All is inclusive. One package fits to all.

It starts from 20M VND/Account

Enterprise Plan

Just for large scale of AWS initial integration with over 10 AWS EC2 instances. Customized style of consulting and delivery scope fits to you. Based on your requirements.

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Monitoring & Operation

For maximizing of the potential of AWS journey, monitoring and operation scheme is crucial. Well-designed monitoring takes you apart from unexpected troubles. 24/7 monitoring and automatic response, inquires to AWS support by local language, and backup and restore management are included in both plans.

Standard Plan

A basic monitoring and operation package for small & medium-sized size of AWS infrastructures.

It starts from 5M VND/Account

Enterprise Plan

A comprehensive custom-made operation package for critical systems. 

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Why choose us


A cloud integrator that supports people and businesses

Customer satisfaction rate in surveys is over 95% *
We provide thorough support for your AWS-related questions and business challenges.

*Data from June 2022 to April 2023

AWS's top certified partner

Since 2014, the company has been continuously recognized as an AWS Premier Tier Service Partner, the highest-ranking partner among the more than 100,000 AWS partners worldwide.

One-stop service from installation to operation and maintenance

We have implemented over 20,800 AWS projects in a wide range of industries and business sectors . Our extensive experience allows us to provide one-stop support.

AWS-certified top technical capabilities in Japan

Many employees have official AWS certifications:
+ 2023 Japan AWS Ambassadors: 2 (45 in Japan)
+ 2023 Japan AWS All Certifications Engineers 16 people (579 people in Japan)
+ 2023 Japan AWS Top Engineers 3 people (122 people in Japan)

IIJ Inc.

AWS Direct Connect Partner

As an AWS Direct Connect Partner, we provide expertise in implementing and managing connections for enhanced network performance and seamless deployments. We assist customers in integrating their on-premises infrastructure with AWS resources, enabling seamless hybrid cloud architectures.

3 AWS Partner Programs

As an AWS Partner, we offer advantages to customers, These programs ensure that we have demonstrated expertise in working with AWS and possess the necessary skills to architect and manage AWS solutions effectively.

50+ AWS Customer Launches

We demonstrate a commitment to innovation, scalability, and performance optimization. We have valuable insights and can leverage lessons learned and best practices from previous deployments.

100+ AWS Certifications

We offer customers comprehensive expertise, specialized knowledge, adherence to best practices, and strong problem-solving skills. We have access to beta features and updates, demonstrating our commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

Who we serve

What do you benefit from ?

Full Coverage Service

Provide abundant menus for consulting, design and integration, operation & maintenance services, and more to support any phase of AWS system life cycles.

5% Discount At All Time

Billed by invoices following the Vietnamese commercial custom while enjoying a 5% discount on all AWS components and usage fees at all times. Support Red Invoice issuance.

AWS Enterprise Support

Provide AWS Enterprise-level support, a support center in English and Vietnamese, and a highly managed monitoring service for all customers and accounts. 

Cloud Automation

Provide Cloud Automator to enable the well-automated operation and cost-control of the AWS environment to reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Training and workshops are provided when you start the AWS journey.


On the occasion of officially launching IIJ MANAGED CLOUD, we provide an opportunity for 5 customers:


Applicable period: July 10 - July 31, 2024


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