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Services & Solutions HI GIO CLOUD BaaS (Backup as a Service)

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Protect data with the comprehensive backup solution using Veeam's latest technology

About BaaS (Backup as a Service)

BaaS is a data backup service developed on Veeam's solutions, helping to meet the needs of optimal security, and at the same time being valid with regulations on data storage in Vietnam. HI GIO BaaS is suitable for all enterprises who need protect their data in the cloud environments, on-premises virtualization environment, and physical servers by the comprehensive backup solution. This solution can back-up multiple platforms such as Centos, RedHat, Ubuntu, Windows, etc.

How does it work ?

Step 1:
The customer installs Veeam Agent on-premises and creates backup jobs to protect their data.

Step 2:
Then establishes a connection to the service provider's gateway.

Step 3:
After that, customers can start replicating or backing up their data to the cloud repository. BaaS provides encryption and compression during the data transfer to ensure data security and efficiency.

Step 4: 
The customer can monitor the backup and replication jobs.

Step 5:
In the event of a disaster, the customer can restore their data from the cloud repository back to their on-premises environment or to another location.

Model comparison

  • Applying on Gen.1, Gen.2, & on-premises environment.

  • Utilizing Veeam's portal.
  • Allowing tenants to back up & restore single VMs, vApps, File, Folder.
  • The backup speed is contingent upon their internet bandwidth. 
  • Exclusively available for HI GIO Gen.2.
  • Self-service restoration within a single portal using vCloud Director (vCD).
  • Allowing tenants to back up & restore single VMs, vApps.
  • Swiftly restoring diverse workloads as VMs by Instant Recovery.

Why choose it ?

Cloud Connect
Fast and secure connection to cloud backup space. The Veeam agent installed on the target. autonomously connects to.

File-level Recovery
Through the control panel, you can take and restore any file from its backup storage.

Unified Control Panel
The control panel of Backup as a Service is unified to management portal with Single Sign-On.

VM Recovery
Not only files, but also, we can rescue VMs from backup repository instantly.

End-to-End Encryption
All online data paths and storage are encrypted. Your data is completely secured even while transferring.

Built-in WAN acceleration
Veeam technology to optimize data transfer to cloud backup storage.

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