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Services & Solutions HI GIO CLOUD BaaS (Backup as a Service)

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Protect their data in the cloud environments, on-premises virtualization environment, and physical servers by the comprehensive backup solution

HI GIO CLOUD + Veeam Backup and Recovery

Merging the qualified backup product Veeam Backup & Recovery into FPT HI GIO CLOUD platform to realize the reasonable and simple Backup as a Service named FPT HI GIO BaaS. FPT HI GIO BaaS portal can configure, manage, and operate at any time. You can backup and restore any data of of any device, such as servers, cloud servers, and PCs/laptops.

Abundant backup target and quick restore

Any kind of data can be the backup target, including on-premises servers, personal desktops/laptops, HI GIO cloud resource, and third-party public cloud. You can do file-basis restores quickly from the BaaS portal.

Data Encryption

All backup and restore data are encrypted in end-to-end connections to keep customers' data secured. Cloud backup storages are encrypted in software and hardware layers.

Simple Pricing

A service fee can be calculated simply and instantly by the number of backup targets and data amounts.

A wide range of restore option

A wide variety of recovery options helps you just in case. 

The appropriate first step in cloudification

Do you have a backup of important corporate  data in your company? The damage caused by losing data is more severe than you think.  
FPT HI GIO BaaS has combined all necessary backup and recovery functions into one single service menu that can be valuable and affordable for all types of customer. Our consulting team can consult with you to find out the best practice for cloud backup.

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